New Boiler Installation

Boilers do not last forever, and even the most reliable model will need to be replaced eventually. If your boiler is becoming less efficient then it may be time to replace your boiler. Inefficient boilers are more costly to run and over time the bills can add up. Therefore, it may be better for your bank balance over time, to replace the boiler with a new boiler.

Why Replace a Boiler?

Older boilers may also become costly with numerous repairs throughout the year. If you are constantly calling out heating services to repair the boiler then they may advise that a new boiler should be installed. This is for numerous reasons:

– Finding replacement parts for older boilers becomes difficult when manufacturers stop making these parts. 

– An older boiler may become unsafe due to wear and tear and constant running repairs. 

– The boiler is unable to be repaired to a satisfactory and safe standard. 

As safety and energy efficiency standards change, a new boiler may be required on your premises due to current guidelines or legislation. A specialist can diagnose your boiler and assess its ongoing efficiency. They will recommend a new make and model to be installed that will match the needs of your home or workplace. Different models may be recommended depending on the size of the boiler needed, how much it is used, and also where the boiler is situated within the premises. If you are ever unsure of your boiler’s safety or efficiency, it is always important to speak to a specialist and not attempt any repairs yourself.

looking for a New Boiler?

Remember that boilers should only ever be installed by accredited heating specialists. If you have concerns regarding your current boiler and whether it is fit for use then call a reputable and well-respected company in your local area. An accredited heating services team will happily advise you on your current boiler’s performance and whether a new boiler could improve the efficiency of your system or drive down heating bills. If you do need a new boiler then ask about the manufacturer’s warranties and service plans that can cover running repairs to ensure your boiler is performing at its maximum capacity. If well looked after, a new boiler should be able to heat your premises for years to come.

Boiler Installation

A heating services team will assess the boiler needed for your home and provide you with a quote for the installation and cost of the new boiler. If you agree to the work being carried out, a specialist will order the new boiler and any necessary parts from the manufacturer.

The boiler may be delivered to your premises or the heating services team. Once it has arrived and been inspected to ensure it has not been damaged in transit, the installation will be arranged. 

Installation times may vary depending on where your boiler is situated and the different requirements for specific boilers. Your old boiler will be safely removed and the new one will be installed. The boiler will then be examined to ensure it has been safely installed and is functioning and working with the heating system in your house and workplace. 

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