Boiler Repair

Boiler breakdowns can create a lot of hassle for any household or workplace. A lack of hot water can mean bedrooms are chilly, baths and showers are stone-cold, and in the worst cases, a breakdown can be dangerous causing leaks, floods, or other serious issues.

If you suspect your boiler is faulty or beginning to break down then you should contact a reputable company that offers heating services to repair the boiler before the worst occurs. Here are some key signs to look out for that indicate your boiler may need to be repaired.


If your home has had the same boiler for several years then it may have become less efficient over time. This can be down to usual wear and tear, and a boiler repair service can replace any worn-out parts and ensure the boiler is working at peak performance. A handy way to check if the boiler is inefficient is to see if your bills have begun creeping up beyond the usual rises that your gas company may be charging year on year. If the cost of heating your home is increasing, then a repair may improve its overall efficiency.


If your boiler is constantly losing pressure, then this is an indication that parts may be faulty. Without adequate pressure, your boiler will fail to adequately drive heated water around the home. If you are constantly topping up the boiler to adjust the pressure gauge, then you should seek a professional who can repair the boiler, helping it to maintain pressure over its lifespan.

Cold Patches

If there are some parts of your home that are not being heated, then this could be a sign your boiler needs replaced. Check whether your thermostat is set to an appropriate temperature and if you can, try to bleed radiators to ensure they are working at full capacity. If you have done all of these things and you still find your home is remaining cold then call a reputable heating engineer who can look at your boiler and diagnose if this is the problem.


If you have noticed any damp patches around your boiler this could be a sign of leaking. Some boilers may also be prone to gathering condensation, especially if exposed to cold air. For example, a boiler may be exposed to air outside from an air vent in the roof or a nearby window. However, constant damp patches and water gathering on the pipe may also be the sign of a leak. Leaks will cause problems over time and should be repaired when spotted. An expert will quickly be able to assess the cause of any water gathering.

Pilot light

The pilot light should be burning blue when the boiler is on. If the pilot light is burning another colour then this is the sign of a potentially dangerous carbon monoxide leak and you should turn off the heating and contact heating experts for an urgent repair.


All heating services should be carried out by registered and respected experts. Contact a company with a good reputation and do not be afraid to ask for any details of accreditation before agreeing to any work being carried out.

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