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Vaillant vSMART

Heating and hot water control at your fingertips

  • Smart phone app for both Android and Apple iOS Application
  • Self learning
  • Weather compensation
  • Connect multiple vSMART controllers to one app
  • Wireless connection

Smart just got a whole lot smarter.

The Vaillant vSMART lets you control your heating and hot water anytime, anywhere from a single, easy to use app.

Compatible with the entire range of Vaillant ecoTEC boilers, vSMART supports modulating heating & enhanced

functions such as self learning or automatic heating curve adjustment. Meaning every experience with vSMART is a unique one

vSMART gets to know you

Tell vSMART how you want your heating and hot water temperature and it will take care of the rest. From the moment you get vSMART installed, it starts to understand your homes heating needs.

Using its smart weather compensation feature and using weather data, the vSMART can tell your boiler how hard it has to work to get your home to your required temperature.

Let it know what time you wake up and it will make sure you wake up to a warm and cosy home. Now that’s what we call smart!


No need to send vSMART a postcard


Tell vSMART when you are going and it wil save energy even when you’re not there. All you have to do is let it know when you are back and it will make sure everything is nice and cosy for when your home.






Manage several heating systems from the same app


Access to Vaillant vSMART can be shared on several devices. Meaning that all the family can control the heating system. One app can also manage several vSMART thermostats installed in different houses (e.g. your home and your mum’s home)






vSMART only ever uses your energy as and when it’s needed


vSMART makes a calculation based on its location, and the surrounding weather stations to obtain the outside temperature for your property, all without the need for an outside temperature sensor








Electronic paper display


Saving even more energy, vSMART display uses proven electronic paper technology offering outstanding contrast, resulting in crystal clear information. Whatsmore, vSMART does not require power to maintain text on the display, saving even more.







Great service. He also quoted us for the job before he started. No hidden costs. Very polite and knew what he was doing.


Reliable guys, that are flexible on price, so I would definitely use again.

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